I guide my clients through the difficult process of marital breakdown in a manner that is professional, child focused, cost effective and efficient.

All my cases begin with a consideration of the options and a discussion with my client as to the most efficient, cost effective and least acrimonious way to achieve a resolution of matters. Although not all family law cases will need to go through the court system, and most cases that do will settle before a court hearing is necessary, there are times when the circumstances are such that the matter will need to be decided by a Judge and it will be vitally important that the case is presented in the most robust and skilled manner possible. Where that is necessary I adopt a dynamic approach to the running of my cases, and I bring a focus and tenacity which has brought great results for my clients. I have longstanding professional relationships with highly skilled and experienced family law barristers whose advice I value and methodologies I trust.

My career began in the property and commercial world and this experience has been hugely valuable in dealing with my more complex cases involving company and shareholding matters, taxation issues and pension matters. Although my style is emphatic and intuitive, I am very comfortable dealing with the ‘business end’ of family law matters and I bring a sharpness of mind and approach to all aspects of my cases.

I have teamed up with industry leaders in areas such as forensic accounting, mortgage and life policy insurance, psychology, and property and company valuations, to ensure that my clients have access to all the resources they may require to ensure the very best outcome to their case. Combining this with my experience and professional training in areas such as advanced negotiation and intimate conflict resolution allows me to bring a very high level of expertise to the issues that arise in my cases and an awareness of the associated stresses that my clients face.